“The Recharge Room has had such an incredibly life changing impact in returning my health. After being diagnosed with advanced neurological Lyme disease that had spread to my brain and spinal column (neuro borrelia), as well as Lyme co-infections of both Babesia and Bartonella, I was suffering from many debilitating symptoms. (Bell’s Facial Palsy, short term memory loss, speech impediments, and very significant physical fatigue).  I entered traditional Lyme treatment in December of 2022 (antibiotic therapies) and then compounded my health problems with toxic treatment side effects of Mass Cell Activation (MCAS) which caused many trips to the hospital ED. I heard about the healing energy of The Recharge Room and started my first treatment in April 2023 going twice per week for 2 hours.  By the second week, I started improving rapidly, by week four I had sustained energy with limited MCAS reactions, and by week 7, I had tapered off all auto-immune steroids, no MCAS symptoms, and Lyme symptoms reduced by 80%.  Both my doctors who are renowned specialists in the treatment of Lyme and MCAS are stunned at the results and are now researching EE Systems for their patients.  I am incredibly grateful for Jeremy and Jennifer who have brought this advanced therapy to our area, created an incredible environment for the treatment, and been fantastic hosts in my healing journey.”

– Jeff Morrell


“Thank you, Jenn and Jeremy, for making ‘The Recharge Room’ available to those of us who have more faith in alternative healing methods than traditional medicine. I am astounded at how powerful the Energy Enhancement System is. I am very sensitive to different energies and every time I enter The Recharge Room I am immediately embraced by a calming and healing energy that goes to the core of my being. After just two hours of resting in this energy I am aware of a profound physical transformation taking place. It is as if the cells and organs of my body are pushing out toxins and springing back to life. At the age of 72, I am so grateful for the opportunity to improve my overall health and vitality. My outlook on life is so much better. I see myself living much longer than I had before. My muscle tone and stamina are greatly improved. I am motivated to exercise regularly which I had not been doing. I am even buying a motorcycle. My passion is back, and I plan on making the most of every day. Blessings to you and your family!”

–  Ron Schlegel


“The backdrop to my (Ed’s) story is that I‘ve had a history of kidney stones for many years. My latest experience happened early this year when I had severe symptoms of pain and some bleeding. An ultrasound showed the stone to be quite large (6 mm, or about 1/4” in size). The pain faded when it was determined that the stone had worked its way down the ureter and dropped into the bladder. However, other unpleasant symptoms continued. In my appointment in March this year, my urologist indicated that ultimately surgery may be needed because of the stone’s size.Meantime, I had our pastor and others pray for me and around at the same time, in late March, my wife Denise and I made our first two-hour visit to the Recharge Room. For that visit, for my benefit, Jeremy specifically adjusted the settings of the system to concentrate on the abdominal area.

After that first visit, my symptoms of frequent urination and urgency completely disappeared! Though I remained skeptical, my wife Denise was certain that the effects of the Recharge Room sessions enabled my body to heal itself and simply dissolve the stone. I still expected to pass it at some point but my symptoms remained clear. In my follow-up visit with my urologist on June 22, she remarked, “I see you passed that stone … “ and I replied, “Nooo … “ and explained that I’d passed smaller several stones in the past and I was absolutely certain I’d have noticed if I’d passed such a large stone! I remarked that the stone had simply and miraculously disappeared, to which the doctor made no reply. But my wife and I know what happened and I continue to remain symptom-free as we continue our regular bi-weekly sessions in the Recharge Room.

Besides that, Denise has experienced gradual healing in her left shoulder, which had been diagnosed several years ago with a completely torn rotator cuff, deemed to be beyond surgical repair due to atrophy. As a result of our continuing visits to the Recharge Room, she has increased range of motion and strength in her shoulder, which improves after each session!”

– Ed & Denise Waasdorp