The Recharge Room

Located in Bath, NY. Wheelchair accessible including bathroom.


About the EESystem

The EESystem combines Scalar technology, light therapies, beneficial frequencies and pulse electromagnetism to create an experience that is extremely beneficial to our bodies.

These positive energies combined with sleep and salt baths gives our bodies the opportunity to function the way they are meant to in order to remove unwanted toxins and repair and rebuild a heathier body.
The EESystem is a Bio-Scalar Photonic Fusion technology that was invented by Dr, Sandra Rose Michael, PhD, DNM, DCSJ. Scalar technology, documented by Nicola Tesla, is a type of energy field that can be used for several different applications. When multiple scalar fields are combined, they work together to create a bubble that negates all the toxins in the air (Radiation, EMF, cellphone, Wi-Fi, etc.) that are bombarding us every day. There are several different light therapies that are beneficial to our bodies including colliding photons, photonic fusion, chromo therapy, and coherent laser light. The light therapies are displayed using the Fibonacci sequence. We also need to be grounding or earthing with 7.83Hz which is called the Schumann Resonance. 

The EESystem combines all these thing to allow cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, elevate moods, and assist in balancing R/L brain hemispheres for optimal sleep states to increase cell membrane potential, mitochondrial and stem cell activity and energy levels for optimal function.
For more information on the technology and the studies done since 1996 for it’s beneficial effects, visit

To see a video of Dr. Sandra explaining the EESystem, click here.

Jason Shurka explains the basics of health and how the EESystem creates an environment to help the body heal itself, click here.

Dr. Carrie Madej explains how the EESystem, along with other technologies, helped her body heal from a plane crash, click here.

Session Recommendations

Did you know that over 80% of our energy is used externally while our eyes are open? Since our bodies repair and rejuvenate while we sleep, a nap for at least a two hour session is the best way to experience the EESystem.
Within 24 hours after a session, a 30 minute salt bath is recommended to help your body to detox. Each bath should have 2 cups of sea salt (do not use Epsom salt!), 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of borax. If you are not able to take a bath, a foot bath or other detox methods can be used as well. A $5 mix for a bath is available for purchase if needed.


“The Recharge Room has had such an incredibly life changing impact in returning my health. After being diagnosed with advanced neurological Lyme disease that had spread to my brain and spinal column (neuro borrelia), as well as Lyme co-infections of both Babesia and Bartonella, I was suffering from many debilitating symptoms.”   read more…  – Jeff Morrell  

About us

We are a family-run business that has always been into alternative health in our home but have wanted to help our community as well. We originally looked into the EESystem to try to help Jenn’s dad with his renal failure, but lost him on Father’s day 2022. Now we are striving to help others in remembrance of him and have dedicated our system in his memory. We also enjoy homesteading, woodworking, and teaching our children how to live healthy, sustainable lives.


10am - 8pm Most Days


Gift Certificates Available

$30 per hour per person ($25 cash)

$10 per hour per child under 18

$150 per person overnight

$60 Scalar charged Medallion

$30 Scalar charged custom Bracelet

$15 Essiac Tea (1 cup dry herbs)

$25 Magnesium Spray

$80 TRS Zeolite (heavy metal detox)


Jenn & Jeremy Hill


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